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NaturPet Tumor-X

NaturPet Tumor-X
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Used for degenerative diseases, cancers, tumors, and cysts. Also has strong antifungal properties.

Caution/Contraindications: Not recommended for use during pregnancy or while feeding young.

Pau d`Arco helps fight tumors as it helps reduce the size of tumors by dissolving them. It has a natural pain-relieving effect helping to relieve cancer-related pain. This herb is a blood purifier which can help increase red corpuscles and supplies anti-mutagenic properties. It is also high in Ion, which makes it effective in aiding in the natural assimilation of nutrients.

Turmeric helps to reduce inflammation and pain. Turmeric, a member of the Ginger family, tastes sweet and acts as a catalyst to the system.

Red Clover contains the trace element, Molybdenum, which is recognized as an essential nutrient in relatively minute quantities. Molybdenum plays an important role in helping the system discharge waste, cleanse itself of impurities and retard the spread of infection. Red Clover has been used for over a hundred years in the treatment of cancer and is a source of many vital nutrients and vitamins and is effective in slowing the advancement of many types of degenerative diseases.

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