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Hilary's Blend Renal Support Recipe Book

Hilary's Blend Renal Support Recipe Book
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Hilary's BLend

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Veterinary Exclusive Recipe Book

This cookbook is a reference textbook for veterinarians. It contains 42 canine renal recipe and 33 feline renal recipes with various levels of protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, as well as recipes with novel proteins, to allow veterinarians to select the best recipe to meet the evolving needs of each individual renal patient.

Note: HILARY'S BLEND RENAL supplement only balances the recipes in the Home-Made Renal Recipes cookbook. The supplement will not balance other recipes. The nutrient content of each recipe is provided in the recipe book, including the levels of all essential nutrients in that recipe. This supplement is 100% human pharmaceutical grade (fit for human consumption). All vitamins and minerals are in purified non-allergenic format and are tested for purity and potency before being incorporated into the supplement.