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Hilary's Blend Complete & Balanced Recipe Book For Cats

Hilary's Blend Complete & Balanced Recipe Book For Cats
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Hilary's Blend

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Veterinary Exclusive Recipe Book

Cat Recipe Book:

Using food formulation software, pet nutritionist Hilary Watson has created 101 recipes that offer 100% complete & balanced nutrition, as defined by the National Research Council (NRC) and AAFCO. This book includes adult, kitten, and senior recipes as well as low calorie and low oxalate recipes. More than 3/4 of the recipes are limited antigen. Included with each recipe is a full 44-nutrient profile as well as calorie content and feeding guides.

Included in the Complete & Balanced book:
  • 10 Single Antigen (all meat) recipes
  • 5 Adult Beef (5 limited antigen)
  • 5 Adult Chicken (2 limited antigen)
  • 5 Adult Pork (5 limited antigen)
  • 12 Adult Fish (11 limited antigen)
  • 10 Adult Recipes with Starch
  • 14 Adult Novel Protein (14 limited antigen)
  • 8 Adult Recipes with HILARY'S BLEND MEAL MAKER™ dried vegetables and fruit mix
  • 10 Kitten recipes
  • 8 Senior recipes
  • 8 Low-Calorie recipes
  • 6 Low Oxalate recipes (4 limited antigen)

The recipes in this book use HILARY'S BLEND™ supplement for home-made meals. HILARY'S BLEND™ supplement is the first and only vitamin mineral pre-biotic supplement specifically designed to balance home-made recipes.