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Hepatosyl Liver Support for Dogs and Cats

Hepatosyl Liver Support for Dogs and Cats
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Advanced Antioxidant Formula supports Liver Function.  Recommended to help maintain proper liver function in dogs and cats.

Hepatosyl-LQTM contains a unique combination of key liver antioxidants including SAMe, Licorice, Quercetin, N-acetylcysteine, Taurine, and Zinc and is backed by scientific research in dogs and cats.

Hepatosyl-LQTM comes in a handy blister pack for sealing in freshness. Our unique, patented Snap Tablet shape and flavour allow for easy and accurate dosing. To divide the tablet, place it on a hard surface with the scored face down. Apply pressure with the finger on the center of the tablet once; this will divide the tablet into two equal halves. To divide into quarters, repeat the action on the half tablet.Given once daily on an empty stomach

Body Weight # of
lbs kg
up to 5 up to 2.3 ¼
6-15 2.4-6.8 ½
16-23 6.9-10.5 ¾
24-30 10.6-13.6 1
31-38 13.7-17.3 1 ¼
39-45 17.4-20.5 1 ½
46-53 20.6-24.1 1 ¾
54-60 24.2-27.3 2
61-75 27.4-34.1 2 ½
76-90 34.2-40.9 3
91-105 41-47.7 3 ½
over 105 over 47.8 4

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