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Feline Rayne Kangaroo Diagnostic Can - Case

Feline Rayne Kangaroo Diagnostic Can - Case
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This diet contains a limited number of highly digestible ingredients and is intended for animals with intestinal or skin conditions that respond to feeding a novel ingredient diet. It is suitable for short term feeding to diagnose adverse reactions to food.

INDICATIONS: Food-Responsive Dermatitis, Hyperlipidemia, Food- Responsive Gastroenteritis, Pancreatitis, Diabetes.

INGREDIENTS: Kangaroo 45%, Kangaroo Broth 33.4%,Kangaroo Liver 10%,
Sweet Potato 7%, Potato Starch 4%, Guar Gum 0.5%, Sea Salt 0.1%.

Sold as 12, 100g Tins 

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