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Rayne Feline Growth/Sensitive GI - Cans 24 x 156gm

Rayne Feline Growth/Sensitive GI - Cans 24 x 156gm
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Growth/Sensitive-GITM feline formulas contain a limited number of highly digestible ingredients and provide a nutrient profile that is known to benefit gastrointestinal health, appropriately support kitten growth, and achieve optimal lean body mass in adult cats as a maintenance diet. These formulas are intended for cats
or kittens with various gastrointestinal conditions, as growth diets, and as maintenance diets for adults cats.


• High palatability
• High quality protein for lean body mass
• Unique protein source
• High digestibility (for immature gastrointestinal tracts)
• Natural source of glutamine (turkey) for gastrointestinal repair and growth
• Added prebiotics (mono- and fructooligosaccharides [MOS & FOS] in
• Appropriate mineral and electrolyte balance
Therapeutic Indications:
• Growth
• Adult health maintenance
• Dietary indiscretion
• Post-operative enteropathy
• Inappetence and recovery
• Acute or chronic gastroenteritis
• Adverse reactions to food
• Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
• Pancreatitis
• Constipation management (some cats)