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Douxo Pyo Pads - 30/pkg

Douxo Pyo Pads - 30/pkg
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Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiseptic - Use only under the direction of your Veterinarian. 

DOUXO® Pyo products, containing chlorhexidine digluconate and other supportive ingredients, aid in the treatment of superficial skin conditions caused by bacteria, fungi, ringworm and yeasts that are responsive to chlorhexidine. They also help maintain the skin barrier. Ideal for animals with superficial skin infections such as:

• Impetigo (puppy pyoderma)

• Malassezia (Yeast) overgrowth

• Skin fold pyoderma

• Bacterial pododermatitis (red, inflamed skin between the toes)

Douxo Pads are ideal for cleaning skin folds and in between the toes for pets that suffer from dermatitis or yeast infections. 
Apply on the affected area as needed for cleansing and antiseptic properties. Avoid eye contact.

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