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Douxo Care Pads - 30/pkg

Douxo Care Pads - 30/pkg
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ROUTINE GROOMING AND OTIC CARE Ideal for the routine grooming needs of all dogs and cats, in particular breeds with known predispositions to skin barrier defects. Formulated to gently clean and condition the skin without stripping the lipidic film. DOUXO® Care products contain Phytosphingosine to soothe irritated skin and help maintain the skin barrier. Available in innovative product formats to improve owner compliance.

  • Durable cotton pads
  • Micelle technology: high cleansing power, especially on greasy material
  • For regular hygiene of small skin surfaces
  • Ideal for use in skin folds, ear pinnae, interdigital areas
  • Alcohol free, non-stinging

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