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Douxo Calm Mousse - 200ml
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DOUXO® Calm products have been formulated with Phytosphingosine and other essential ingredients to help soothe and hydrate itchy, irritated or sensitive skin in dogs and cats. Helps maintain the skin barrier.

Supportive dermal care for animals with:

• Atopic dermatitis
• Hot spots
• Contact dermatitis
• Flea allergy dermatitis

Douxo Calm Mousse is similar micro-sphere technology to the Micro-emulsion Spray. Requires massage for optimal absorption. An alternative to shampoo that allows the frequency of bathing to be reduced. Ideal for pets that reject spray or owners that prefer to use product application as bonding time with their pet.

  • Leave-on mousse
  • No need to wet or rinse the animal
  • For localized or whole body use
  • To apply as often as necessary, or in combination with the Douxo shampoos

1 bottle contains approximately 130 pumps, enough for 10 whole-body treatments of a medium size dog.