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Bio Balm Canine Paw Ointment

Bio Balm Canine Paw Ointment
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The Dermoscent Bio Balm is a soothing skin repairing ointment formulated with 100 organic certified natural active ingredients and rich in Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids derived from palm and soy seed oils that provide vital nutrients to damaged skin.

Cajuput essential oil provides soothing and antiseptic effects to help prevent cutaneous infections of superficial wounds. Use on problem skin areas such as hyperkeratotic noses or pads, calluses, thickened skin, and dry, cracked pads. Rapidly absorbs and waterproof.  

Rapidly absorbs and waterproof. Does not contain mineral oil or petroleum-based ingredients. For use in dogs.

Ingredients: Huile de soja (glycine max seed oil), huile de palme (elaseis guineenses seed oil), cetyl palmitate, actif desensibilisant (soothing agent), allantoine, huile essentielle de cajputi (melaleuca cajputi oil), excipient 100% D'origine vegetale (100% organic excipent).