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Adaptil Appeasing Pheromone Travel Spray for Dogs

Adaptil Appeasing Pheromone Travel Spray for Dogs
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Adaptil Spray provides targeted, comforting support at home or on the go. It's an ideal choice for travel or any time you want to give your dog a little extra reassurance.

Use Adaptil Spray to help your dog feel calm and confident in everyday situations such as grooming, parties at home, going to the dog park, training classes, fireworks, thunderstorms, exploring new areas, and introducing new pets.

Each 20 mL bottle of Adaptil Spray contains +/- 16 applications. Each 60 mL bottle of Adaptil Spray contains +/- 50 applications.

  • Convenient Spray Bottle Ideal to help ease the anxiety of travel for your pet!
  • Helps to comfort both puppies and adult dog in stressful situations
  • Reduces the stress of a new environment, loud noises such as thunder, sirens and fireworks and family or animal additions
  • Calms your pet to stop house soiling or urinating, excessive barking, chewing and digging
  • Reduces the anxiety for nervous travelers

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