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Return Policy


Thanks for shopping the Vets To Go online store! From time to time our clients want to return retail items or pet food to us, and our team is happy to work with you to get the supplies your pets need exchanged or refunded, when applicable.

At Vets To Go, we are licensed by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and adhere to all Canadian Veterinary guidelines. We also hold ourselves to the highest standard of care. Products are not resold once they have left our facility so as not to compromise their efficacy and quality. Instead, these items are usually donated to pet rescues throughout the province and Canada. Please take a look at our Order Cancellation and Return/Refund Policies below so you understand our policies relating to online orders and purchases from our head office. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1(888) 995-8387!


If you need to cancel an order, if it’s done on or before 3:00 p.mthe same day the order was placed online there will be a 100% refund processed. Refunds may take up to 48 hours to process and 5-7 business days to reflect on your account depending on your bank.

If an order is cancelled after 3:00 p.m. the same day or any day following, prior to pick up, the order will be cancelled and refunded, minus a 30% restocking fee. This is to defray restocking costs that are imposed by distributors on us. If your items have already been entered into the Canada Post system for delivery, unfortunately we can’t get the parcel back. Please see the “Retail Item Returns/Refunds” section for more details on our return policies for items that have left our facility.


All clients on the recurring order program receive an email reminder 5 days before their order is placed. If a recurring order is cancelled before the order is automatically placed through our online system, there will be no charge to your credit card. If the recurring order is cancelled after the automatic order has been placed, our standard order cancellation policy above is in effect.

If you’re set up with recurring orders and find you don’t need an item ordered at the moment, we recommend changing your recurring order to a future date instead of allowing the order to be placed automatically and then cancelling and requesting a refund. For information about editing a recurring order, please click here.


Unfortunately, because we are unable to monitor the handling and care of any products that leave our facility, we are unable to accept any returns for purchases made through our online store or purchased directly from our head office once they have left our facility. (Please see Prescription Food Guarantee & Returns section for more information on our Prescription food return policy).


The Pharmacy laws in Canada do not allow the re-dispensing of medications once the medication has been dispensed to a patient. We are also unable to ensure the handling, care and efficacy of the medication, because the health and happiness of our patients are our #1 concern, we are unable accept any returns on medications.


Most prescription food items we carry have a palatability guarantee outlined by the manufacturer and may be eligible for a refund (minus applicable shipping costs) if your pet doesn’t like the brand or type of food. In order to receive a refund, the client is responsible for bringing any unused food item back to the Vets To Go Head Office, located at 635 36 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2E 2L8 during regular business hours, within 60 days after purchase. (Please note: All bags of food being returned for palatability reasons must be a minimum of half full and cans returned must be unopened to be eligible for any refunds, as outline by all prescription dog food manufacturers)

Once we have received the item, we can exchange the food for another flavour or process a refund under the manufacturer’s palatability guarantee guidelines. Refunds may take up to 48 hours to process and 5-7 business days to reflect on your account depending on your bank.

If you are unsure if the food you purchased is eligible for a refund under the manufacturers guarantee, please call our Calgary office at 1-888-995-8387. We will be happy to look into it for you!